Divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships

Going through a divorce can be highly stressful and that is why we understand the importance of giving clear, sensible legal advice to guide you through the process.
The first step is the divorce petition. There is only one ground for divorce in this country and that is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This is evidenced by reference to 5 ‘facts’ which are:

  • 1. One spouse has committed adultery and the other finds this intolerable.
  • 2. The unreasonable behaviour of one spouse
  • 3. 2 years desertion
  • 4. 2 years separation with consent of the respondent to divorce.
  • 5. 5 years separation

We will talk you through these facts and the related issues to ensure the petition is accurate.
We will talk you through the financial implications of divorce and this is where our specialist knowledge and pragmatic approach ensure we achieve a fair division of the matrimonial assets and a clean break where possible.
The aim is of course to reach an agreement without the time and expense of going to court. However, if that is not possible we will not hesitate to make the necessary application, keeping you advised during the various stages.